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Keppel Education Program

Assisting providers, to help patients live their best lives



Dr. Lowell Keppel has been in private practice for over 35 years and has successfully integrated nutritional and herbal therapeutics into his holistic approach. He operates a cash practice with a focus on patient education, including demonstrations, lectures, reading lists and one-on-one counseling. Dr. Keppel has studied throughout the U.S., learning and implementing many forms of nutritional examinations. He has retained the best and most practical applications and developed a nutritional examination system that has proven effective in obtaining clinical information and communicating with patients during the consultation. He shares this methodology with other health care practitioners in full-day seminars that combine lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice. Dr. Keppel owns and operates a multi-disciplinary clinic in Westminster, Colorado.

  • Dr. Keppel is not affiliated with Standard Process or NET Remedies! He is not being paid or reimbursed for his teaching from any company! 

  • The materials presented in webinars concern the use of nutritional supplementation in the management of health conditions. 

  • Standard Process does not treat or cure any health conditions.

  • The information presented is based of off Dr. Keppel’s decades of clinical experience and education.

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